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Board Members

2017 – 2018

President:  Casey Lindstedt – president@chelseacoop.org

Vice President:  Stephanie Wolff – vicepresident@chelseacoop.org

Treasurer:  Jaime Nicholson – treasurer@chelseacoop.org

Assistant Treasurer:  Jennifer Palmbos – assistanttreasurer@chelseacoop.org

Membership Chair:  Susan Orlandi-Johnson  – membership@chelseacoop.org

Ways and Means Chair:  Sarah Walther – waysandmeans@chelseacoop.org

Ways and Means Co-Chair: Mandi Rett – mandiguiett@gmail.com

Auction Committee Chair:  Anne Seyferth – auction@chelseacoop.org

Secretary:  Gillian Jackson – secretary@chelseacoop.org

Room Manager:  Anna Zenz – roommanager@chelseacoop.org

Publicity Chair:  Rebecca Cobb – publicity@chelseacoop.org

Session Reps:

AM 3s: Jennifer Talerico – sessionrepam3@chelseacoop.org
AM 4s: Stephanie Brink – sessionrepam4@chelseacoop.org
PM 3/4s: Erin Parker – sessionreppmmixed@chelseacoop.org
Y5s: Leanne Zatkovich – sessionrepyoung5@chelseacoop.org